Joe Satake (Tokyo, Japan) Born in 1977. Graduated from Graphic Design Department of Tama Art University (BA) in 2001. Established “Schnabel Effects” in 2002. As an artist, Satake has been producing printings and prints. And also, he has actively engaged in art pieces for various magazines, interior design, fashion, music, advertisement and others. Also, he has participated in a lot of exhibitions and art exhibits domesitically and internationally.

Awards : The Best Debutant of the Year 2005 – category of the Image & Graphics of the Japan Men’s Fashion Unity

Satake creates and produces many art works with silkscreen of photograph. Many abstract visuals pieces out of magazines and pinups he comes up with. His skillful art works reflect graphic works of the media such as fashion magazines, his inspiration, and the techniques & trend of the photography.

In the past, Satake set out graphic works and illustrations for magazines like “VOGUE JAPAN,”“Harper’s BAZAAR,”“ELLE JAPON,”  and many others. He has also done many art works for projects.

シュナーベル エフェクツ

佐竹穣  2001年 多摩美術大学卒業。2002年よりSCHNABEL EFFECTSとして活動。アーティストとして絵画や版画の制作する他、雑誌、インテリア、ファッション、音楽、広告などのアートワークを手掛ける。国内外の展覧会にも多数参加。2005 ベストデビュタント賞/映像・グラフィック部門受賞(日本メンズファッション協会)


雑誌「VOGUE JAPAN」「Harper’s BAZAAR」「ELLE JAPON」などでのグラフィックワークやイラストレーションの他、店舗内装などのインテリアアートワークなどの仕事も多く手掛ける

[Exhibition & Prize]

Asano Tadanobu Award & Scout Award, GEISAI-1. Tokyo.
Solo exhibition “The Renina Live”, gallery ROCKET. Omotesando, Tokyo.
Solo exhibition “NEW LOOK”, gallery ROCKET. Omotesando, Tokyo.
Solo exhibition “MARRIAGE BLUE”, LABLINE. TV. Tokyo.
Solo exhibition “BLENBY/TRENDY”, gallery ROCKET. Omotesando, Tokyo.
The Best Debutant of the year 2005 Award
Solo exhibition “Portrait by Artbooks”, GALLERY TARGET
…and many others


intitle (Tokyo/2016),  Veritas Investment (Tokyo/2015),  Ascott Midtown Suzhoues (China/2014),  BAGUS (Fukuoka/2014),  Galerie (Osaka/2014),  Diamond Dining (Tokyo/2013),  1967 (Tokyo/2013),  FACE (Osaka/2012),  Wyndham the 4th (Hong Kong/2012),  boutique by Xintiandi (Shanghai/2011),  LA VEDUTA @ ST.REGIS HOTEL OSAKA (Osaka/2010),  TSE YANG  QATAR (Qatar/2010),  Jardin Paul Bocuse P.BOCUSE & H.HIRAMATSU (Kanazawa/2010),  3601 (Osaka/2009),  CLUB BACH (Osaka/2009),  IFC Showflat (Hong Kong/2008),  VADI/LU DORESS (Omotesando/2007),  BRASSERIE PAUL BOCUSE GINZA (Tokyo/2007),  SJX KINGS & QUEENS (Tokyo/2009) (Sendai/2008),  SJX KINGS & QUEENS (Tokyo/Sapporo/2007),  SJX (Tokyo/2006),  IDU Tokyo Office (Tokyo/2006),  ailia (Tokyo/2005) …and many others